1888:Greeba Rampaul-Essue is an Industrial Engineer who has worked in various industries for the past 32 years

Greeba Rampaul-Essue

Greeba Rampaul-Essue-

Greeba Rampaul-Essue is an Industrial Engineer who has worked in various industries for the past 32 years, 23 of those being in the material handling industry with a major focus on warehousing. She is a trained Management Consultant and has a MSc. in Industrial Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management.

In 2000, with a view to using Industrial Engineering principles to assist customers to become more efficient and effective in their businesses, Greeba formed Industrial Engineering Solutions Ltd. a company that services the entire Caribbean.
In 2011, Industrial Engineering Solutions Ltd became a licensee of SESS UK, and SESS USA LLC and SESS Caribbean Ltd were formed. The focus here being warehouse safety and the coverage expanded from the Caribbean, to include USA and Canada.

Greeba Rampaul-Essue is the Managing Director of SESS USA LLC, SESS Caribbean Ltd and Industrial Engineering Solutions Ltd.

Greeba has used her natural willingness to assist others and her ease of communication with persons of all ages and backgrounds to develop strong relationships with her customers, family and friends.
Her willingness to freely share information and to assist in guiding others has lead to her being much sought after as an authority by customers and colleagues and in her personal relationships, as a mentor and motivator.

She has used her trials(character building experiences, as she calls them) to build herself into a strong, resilient, empathetic individual with a strong will to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone that she comes into contact by sharing her knowledge, experiences and insights.

Business Website: http://www.iesolutionsltd.com


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