756:Graham Spinks is the Director of The Multimedia Design Studio Limited

Graham Spinks-

Graham Spinks Director of The Multimedia Design Studio Limited Cambridge, United Kingdom maltabreak2004@yahoo.co.uk skypename: angustheshell Twenty-two years ago Graham set up his own communication and learning company. He had always enjoyed writing and wanted to explore the challenges of devising scripts to meet the new opportunities offered by emerging digital media. He has continued to develop this business, grasping each new technology as it has arrived, and has enjoyed working on a diverse range of projects and clients from the world’s largest multinational corporations down to local hospices.

Graham’s company has also developed an e-learning platform which is licenced to a number of British hospitals and utility companies. Recently, Graham has been involved in the development of e-learning materials for practitioners in the field of mental health – professionals who spend a lot of their time working with very distressed individuals. He is also currently creating a set of support materials for clinical supervisors who are responsible for fostering the development of junior doctors.

Graham Spinks spends one morning a week volunteering in his local Oxfam bookshop and is also involved in raising funds for Quaker charitable projects which support food production and education in the poorest regions of Bolivia. Graham is a keen walker and spends at least one afternoon a week walking with one of his friends. He has also walked a number of national trails with groups of friends. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/graham-spinks http://www.trainingtracker.co.uk

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