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  • Graham Arrowsmith is the founder of Finely Fettled, a direct response agency for clients marketing to the affluent /Ep2677

Graham Arrowsmith- 

Graham Arrowsmith, 60, is founder of Finely Fettled, a direct response agency for clients marketing to the affluent. His clients include charities, financial advisers, investment companies, care homes and jewellery retailers. He markets The UK High Net Worth Database and the UK Affluent Address Database and provides done for you campaigns to attract and reactivate customers. Graham is also a Trustee of a small charity, the Friends of Silsden Town Hall. There he helps promote the charity through a website, PR and leaflets. The town hall hits a huge range of activities and events, such as blues nights.

Every week for the last 4 years, Graham has produced a weekly business podcast with Kevin Appleby, called The Next 100 Days Podcast. Together they have produced over 200 shows with some very accomplished guests.
His passion for Leeds United has lasted a lifetime. He believes this year is our year (at long last)! He shares this passion with his two sons, Luke and Nathan. His daughter Sophie is set to marry Firionn in St Lucia in August 2020. Last year Nathan married Luana in Brazil and Luke and his wife LeAnn delivered their first child, Graham and Dawn’s first granddaughter Eliza. 
Graham earned distinctions in both MBA and Diploma in Direct Marketing from Bradford University Management Centre. His first employee at Finely Fettled, Ellie, is smarter than him though! 

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