Goro Gupta is passionate about helping people create a radical shift in...)

781: Goro Gupta is passionate about helping people create a radical shift in their lives

Goro Gupta-

Goro Gupta is passionate about helping people create a radical shift in their lives by helping them realise their financial capability and helping them achieve this.

As a handpicked senior leader with Anthony Robbins, he is well versed on working with people in all stages of life and spends his time helping others both find and live their purpose. He has done this through both speaking on the same stage as Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and Arnold Schwazenegger as well as coaching people one on one directly as well as through his companies.

He is the director of three successful companies –

Momentum Education Finance – the leading finance for education companies in the event space, working with the best of the best like Scott Harriss, Jack Delosa and Tony Robbins, financially empowering their clients to attend life changing events,.

Yellow Brick Road Preston – This branch of the publicly listed mortgage broking and wealth management firm specialises in providing their clients with the most awesome mortgage and finance advice helping them shift their financial destinies – along with of course a plan to pay down their homes in next to no time

10 properties in 10 years – a bespoke authentic property mentoring company that helps their limited group of clients achieve success through property and help build an empire that spans across generations.


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