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Gordie Bufton-

Gordie Bufton is an award-winning international speaker. He has spoken around the world and is in high demand within corporations, associations, YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), and EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization). Gordie specializes in helping people connect to what is essential in their lives. Gordie is the author of two books, The Connection Effect: An Entrepreneur’s Playbook To Unlocking The Present Moment and Eluding Reality: A Memoir About Drugs, Psych Wards, and Recovery. He has been featured on CBS, NBC, Forbes, and countless more. He resides on Mother Earth.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

Snippet of the Gordie’s previous episode [00:30]
How are you doing? [01:03]
What are you up to today? [01:38]
On how spending in jail became an investment to what Gordie do today [03:26]
How are you helping people? And where is the best place to connect with you? [04:45]
Is your business partner still in the picture? [05:20]
How are you setting up your legacy? [06:18]
On the physical side that helps in staying away and keeping focused [07:05]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [09:33]


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