Gloria Kimberley is an expert in Wellness and Holistic Health based in Leeds, England /Ep2586


Gloria Kimberley- 

Gloria is an expert in Wellness and Holistic Health based in Leeds, England.  She has worked in this field for many years first training as a Homeopath and later as a PSYCH-K® facilitator. She also developed an interest and understanding of meditation, nutrition and spiritual matters. Gloria brings together all her experience in these related areas in her work to help others transform their health and wellbeing.

Gloria is the Project Leader of the Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion and Wellbeing which will take place in September 2020. She also leads the team that co-created the first annual Leeds MOMM (Moments of Mass Mindfulness) in May 2019. Both of these pioneering projects aim to introduce the link between good mental, emotional and physical health to a wide audience. In addition, these projects have encouraged holistic practitioners from various disciplines to work together for the benefit of the city.

In 2018 Gloria became a Podcaster on a new podcast called Sharing the Vibe co-created with her husband Paul. Sharing the Vibe covers topics in holistic health, wellness and spiritual connection. She had the idea of creating a podcast because she wanted to share the information that she’s acquired through her own personal development process with the wider world.

You can find more information on Gloria’s website: and by connecting with her on social media.

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