Glenn Haussman, consummate road warrior & self-proclaimed hotel...

1656:Glenn Haussman is the consummate road warrior and self-proclaimed hotel industry…

Glenn Haussman

Glenn Haussman-

Glenn Haussman is the consummate road warrior, and self-proclaimed hotel industry know-it-all. Go ahead, just ask him. Glenn’s also the host of the No Vacancy hotel industry focused podcast, custom content creator, and sought-after event speaker and host. He even served as an adjunct professor at NYU, something he still cannot believe actually happened.

Constantly on the road for work, he mixes and mingles with top executives from all over the world, sharing their success secrets and strategies with his audience. Glenn has been quoted as a travel industry expert in publications like The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post,, and Chicago Tribune.

When home, Glenn loves spending time with his kids taking in experiences and trying new restaurants. However, his kids are totally over waiting for their dad to take pictures of everyone’s food before they’re allowed to eat. Worst part; the photos aren’t even that good.

Though he never climbed halfway up Mt. Fuji like blogger Sam Lowe, he did have his 9th birthday party at a restaurant named Mt. Fuji. He very much enjoyed the hibachi fried rice

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