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Gia Ganesh-

Gia Ganesh is a career strategist, speaker and author. She specializes in coaching high achieving men and women to navigate career transitions and to accelerate career advancement.

Gia is known for her coaching skill that brings out the best in people in a practical, street savvy style; Gia’s fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques connect with her audience at an intimate and an individual level.

With a combination of real-life, in the trenches corporate and business experiences, Gia’s views on career progression, advancement, transition, and finding fulfillment in your careers is refreshingly different. Gia appreciates and shares with listeners, that career fulfillment is an intentional pursuit and not a spin-your-wheel and get lucky exercise.

Gia Ganesh has served as a management consultant and has worked for several years in the technology and talent development space. She continues to work with the best and the brightest in the leadership development field.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

Snippet of Gia‘s previous episode [00:27]
How are you doing? [01:02]
What’s new? [01:16]
What you did before has now evolved and connects to what you’re doing with the company, is that accurate? [01:53]
Tell us about what that company does. [02:09]
What do you do in the company? [02:25]
On the topic of diversity [03:27]
Who’s influencing you today? [04:02]
How has what you’ve been doing impacted your two boys? [04:30]
How has materialism evolved in your life? [05:43]
Is there a place where people can connect with you? [06:45]
How are you preparing your legacy? Are you having that conversation with death? [07:11]
Are you still married? [08:30]
So how has that impacted everything you are doing? [08:41]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [10:11]


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