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Gerald Vinci-

Gerald Vinci : For the last 14 years, I’ve dedicated my career to helping other business owners find greater marketing success and opportunities to grow their business through my branding and marketing agency, Vinci Digital Marketing. I’ve struggled to find an identity for my firm during that time and where our passions were focused. However, in the last three years, we’ve come to realize we are most passionate about helping established small businesses, nonprofits, and veteran organizations find better opportunities for growth as well as develop a stronger foundation for success. 
I am committed to doing everything we can to help these struggling organizations by offering a full suite of marketing services at an affordable price and taking the time to customize a strategy and marketing plan that is specific to their needs. I do not believe there is a standardized approach to marketing and take the time to understand our client business, their market(s), and their goals for the future to produce far greater results than they’ve seen before. 
Over the last three years, I’ve transformed the agency from merely a production to more of a consultant firm which helps uncover branding and marketing challenges. In a sense, I diagnose the problem before I prescribe a cure. 
For nonprofit organizations, I am committed to providing many of our marketing services at cost or free if we believe in the cause and see an opportunity to help them make a positive change in their community. For veteran organizations, we also provide free web hosting for life and heavily discount many of our other services to help them grow as well. 

Looking forward to connecting with you.


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