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Gary Benson- 

G. Brian Benson’s mission is to wake up the world with conscious, thought-provoking media that inspires. In 2008, Brian followed a hunch and left his family’s business, stepping into the unknown. Ever since, inspiration has followed. Letting intuition be his guide, he began to step out of his comfort zone and unexpected paths and talents started to emerge such as writing, acting, and crafting stories. Tapping into this emerging creativity, Brian began his own hero’s journey of self-realization and growth, which continues to influence his empowering and inspiring books, films, and presentations.

Brian an award-winning and #1 best-selling author, radio host, actor, filmmaker and TEDx speaker, knows the value of trusting intuition and wants to share his own personal journey of self-growth, discovery and accomplishment to help others re-connect with their own personal truths to live an authentic and fulfilling life. As a 4x Ironman triathlete and cross-country bicyclist, Brian knows the value of hard work and never giving up on his dreams, a message he shares with audiences through each of his creative expressions.

Brian’s new book “Habits for Success – Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar” is an Amazon #1 Best-Seller and was selected as a 2019 Book Excellence Award Winner in the Motivational book category.

Before Brian got into acting he authored two books, including “Brian’s List – 26 1/2 Easy To Use Ideas on How to Live A Fun, Balanced, Healthy Life!” which was the winner of a Next Generation Indie Book Award in the Self-Help category. Brian’s second book “Finding Your Voice” was an award-winning Finalist in both the USA Book News and the Indie Excellence Book Awards.

Brian lives in Los Angeles, California.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:54]
Just booked an acting job. [01:47]
What’s going on? [02:17]
You said you were born to inspire people, do you still feel that way? [03:30]
Did you feel the effects of speaking with me? [04:06]
Walking into fears, have you gotten better at it? [04:48]
The feeling of walking into fears has grown to be the measurement of understanding what to do, for me, is it the same for you? [05:29]
Are you still in 12listen.com? [06:42]
How has what you’ve been doing affected your son? [07:02]
Is he as intuitive? [07:20]
Do you have any regrets? [08:13]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [09:37]

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