1890:Gail Woods is a journalist and writer who uses her life experiences to aspire others to go after their dreams

Gail Woods

Gail Woods-

Please meet Gail Woods, a journalist and writer who uses her life experiences to aspire others to go after their dreams. After retiring from teaching English in TX, Gail and her husband Dan packed up seven suitcases and relocated to Costa Rica. Through published articles, and her FB page SoJourn-E, she shares her quest for peace and joy in the hopes that others will be inspired to turns those dreams into realities. Watch for Gail’s upcoming book, Enlightened Gypsies, an autobiographical story of three very different women who paths intersect in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Gail F. Woods is a freelance professional writer and editor whose work spans North America.  A retired Texas English and Communication teacher, Gail now lives in Costa Rica with her husband Dan, where they followed their dream and “retired” to the mountains of this beautiful Central American country. Always one to use her life as an opportunity to help others, to set goals and strive to achieve those aspirations, Gail writes about her quest for finding peace and joy in their new lives.

Gail F. Woods is chief editor and staff writer for Wildfire Workshops and the Evolutionary Business Council.  Wildfire sponsors Gail’s Facebook page SoJourn-E, where you can currently experience the Woods’ adventures since they arrived in Costa Rica…with only seven suitcases. How looking for the right road leads to the Monkey Trail and more fun adventures.  Gail continues to be published as a freelance writer as the right story inspires her.

Gail’s upcoming book, Enlightened Gypsies is the autobiographical story of how three very different women, Gail and the Wildfire ladies Teresa and Pam, found their paths intersecting in Costa Rica. Hang on for an exciting ride as the newly formed friendship blazes new paths for each of them, together and separately.


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