810:Frans Van Liempt had several jobs: office, supermarket, bars, professional photographer


Frans Van Liempt-

Born in Haarlem, Netherlands on July 17 1956

Frans Van Liempt had several jobs: office, supermarket, bars, professional photographer. Studied nursing but quit in the last year. Then worked as care giver in homecare.

In 2007 I moved to the Philippines where I started a resto bar in 2014. Due to unforseen circumstances I went bankrupt. Wanted to sto my life but that attempt too failed and I met wonderful, helping and caring people. A Filipino man took me in and he is supporting me now. I wrote a book about the resto bar and what had happened, The manuscript won a Dutch writers contest and it was published in Dutch. I translated the book into English and published it myself. At the moment I am writing another novel.


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