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  • 1522:Florian Hornig is a business trainer, personality coach and career advisor with an entrepreneurial spirit and a “can do“ mentality
Florian Hornig

Florian Hornig-

Florian Hornig: I am Florian, that means ‘happylife.coach’, podcaster, writer, ultra runner and owner of a lodge in Zanzibar

 I deeply believe, that the addition of decisions in context with my surrounding, makes me be the person I am. You are in direct connection with your environment and yet you have the a free choice which decision you will take in each situation.
Recently I thought about the reasons why I became a glücklichtrainer (which means happiness coach in German) and author of my blogs. Where does this passion come from? I asked myself what it was, that made me passionate as a kid:
Simple answer. I loved adventure stories, especially in the wild west!

For very long I didn’t pay attention to my childhood memories and to be honest, I thought they were embarrasing because they would nowhere fit into my today business life. When starting my coaching business in 2009 I became aware, that I actually included many of the stories’ motives into my daily life and work.
I travel a lot, meet the most different people, am independent, listen to peoples stories and try to find solutions with them.
I try to understand conflicts and want to help people find their own way to master them. If I managed to help somebody on his personal road to happiness, I feel good.
I learned that people only face problems that they are actually capable of solving themselves. You are bigger than your problems!
To discover this truth I had to face many problems myself. For very long I couldn’t imagine that other people experience and view the world other than me. I had to go through personal failures to discover that. Nowadays I know that I won’t anyones problems but I try to be a helping hand to find the solution.

My professional journey began when I was 21. I founded a coffee bar (break-fast) in Cologne, became a financial consultant (tecis AG) later, moved to Berlin, was a headhunter in the finance industry (LucasGroup), founded an online recruiting company (viasto GmbH) and later became the happylife.coach. As a career coach I was supporting the ESCP Europe Alumni.
I was born and grew up near Cologne, lived in the US for year, worked in an East German National park, lived in Cologne four years and in Berlin 9 years. Now I am traveling most of the time and have a home base in Thun, Switzerland and in Kizimkazi, Zanzibar.

Since 2009 I am coaching people on personal as well as business issues. To be successful on your pursuit of happiness means to be better at what you do while retaining and increasing your energy level.
This focus on personal strengths means specially for companies and teams to reach your goals faster and loose less energy on problems and frustration.

I am a business trainer, personality coach and career advisor with an entrepreneurial spirit and a „can do“ mentality. I see the big picture and break it down to the next step. I am able to motivate people to reach higher goals and am a networking & communication talent with a passion of bringing the right people together.
To realize all of the above I have the knowledge to use all of the IT solutions needed.

As my main marketing tool I am the author of a bilingual blog and the producer of a podcast at http://www.simplicity-of-happiness.com

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