How conversations affected me spiritually?



Understanding and respecting each person's choice, for me was easier said than done. I believed everything I was taught as a child was the only way.

My transformation occurred when I began intentionally listening to people from all walks of life. These are four ways in which I have improved.




A clearer idea of what brought me fulfilment  occurred as I began listening to the stories of others. 



Self - Confidence

Through repetition and dedication I found that the focus on one skill created a confident approach to other things in my life. 




As I started dedicating more time to what gave me fulfilment I started to feel happier. This happiness flowed into other parts of my life. My productivity and relationships grew exponetially. 

I thought Engel's concept was great and wanted to support his mission. Being a part of the conversations taking place all around the world was an awesome experience.

This experience reminded me of how quickly people can connect and add value to the lives of others. I did not experience any hurdles, Engel is very warm and welcoming.
Genuine in his feedback and stayed "present throughout the conversation. That is truly a gift.

This was an absolutely great experience.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Tuniscia Founder

I joined Engel for a #12minconvo to reach a wider audience - general and science

I am thankful to have the chance to meet a wonderful and engaging person

There were no hurdles in having this conversation.

Engel has a great deal of passion for meeting and networking

Susan Goebel

My primay reason was to share my passion for financial literacy and education with the world. A much needed but missing key piece of skill for all of us. I have gained a chance to meet Engel who is passionate about networking with people like me who are impacting the lives of others. I can't think of any hurdles to this conversation as I don't see that anything is impossible. I like how short, sweet and straight to the point it was.

I would recommend a friend who has something meaningful to give back to the big wide world out there. Podcasting is a great option for reaching those who enjoy listening to motivational talks on the move.

Deborah Sawyerr Money Literacy Educator

Interested in an accountability group with me?


Engel Jones




I love great conversations and I've had the pleasure of engaging in over 3000 of them with AMAZING people from all over the world. From the virtual space, to the face to face, on our North American road trip.

By having these conversations I am able to share my vision of S.U.N. & F.U.N. which represents Sharing Unique Narratives and Fostering Unlimited Networks. 

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