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How conversations affected my family life?



My family consists of my wife and I, plus our three sons ranging from 7mths to 10yrs old. In our village the  extended family model is very prevalent. My children interact regularly with their grandparents. 

Our family has now extended past the borders of Trinidad and Tobago as we adopt other members through #12minconvos. 




There is no cookie cutter way to creating the ideal family life. Through conversations others have shared their family life experiences. From them I've been able to gather and implement different strategies in areas such as parenting and marital relationship. 




More and more I see how important it is to be diligent in establishing a legacy which generations to come can look to. Communicating the what, why and how to my family is important. 



Time Sensitivity

Time is a precious commodity, handle with care. I've now learned to compartmentalise my time from the podcast in blocks so that each part is given the necessary  attention.
Being intentional and present for my family is a top priority.


Accountability Consistency.
Interested in our accountability  groups

Renée Suzanne Life Coach

I enjoy talking to new people, sharing what I do in the world and learning about what they’re up to.

Engel is very friendly, has a soothing voice, is engaging and easy to talk to.

We had a fun and interesting conversation.

Marc Morrell Host

I had been with Engel previously on the podcast, had joined him in person at the Philadelphia Art Museum, then he asked me to join him on the podcast once more and I was happy to be there.

He has a way of making you reflect on things in such a positive way. His conversations are good for the soul. I gain a sense that I have accomplished something valuable that I have continued to share with many others in the things I do every day.

Engel has talked to so many people that you would think there isn't much that surprises him, but he still looks at everything with a child's innocent view, in which he is always curious and willing to learn something new.

Engel Jones is a treasure in this world. He inspires with all he has accomplished, and he has done it all with grace, humility and passion, without compromising the principles he values. We could all hope to lead our lives in a similar fashion. Joy and Fun!

Stephanie McAuliffe Speaker, Healer & Guide

I was first interviewed by Engel in Nov 2016, and we had our second conversation nearly 3 years later. It was wonderful to talk about how much had changed in 3 years. We don't see the changes day over day, yet over months or years, so much can evolve. It's a beautiful view into a time slice of life.

There is no judgement in a conversation with Engel, only curiosity and exploration.

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