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Eron Constante

Eron Constante is a music producer based in LA and is also currently the keyboardist in the band The Microwave Babies. Born and raised on the island of Saipan, Eron found his interest in music at an early age, learning how to play the drums, piano, and ukulele during his elementary and middle school years. In high school, he picked up an interest in conducting ensembles, leading him to believe that when he grew up he’d pursue a career in conducting and composition. That all changed when he discovered GarageBand.

Knowing that a computer is all he needed to gain full control of all the aspects of music, he took a dive at producing music based on his understanding of music theory and piano playing. Fast forward several years later and he now works in Logic Pro X and has collaborated with a number of artists including Almira Kate, Henry Piper, Melsvista, Les, and Neither Nor. Though a short list now, the list will grow as he continues to produce more work.

“On the side” Eron is pursuing a communications studies degree at Cal State LA.

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