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Erno Hannink-

I am Erno Hannink from the Netherlands. An optimist and enthusiast. Using stoicism for a better life.
My podcast has been running for 5 years and 230 episodes now, including great episodes in English. You can find me at the Erno Hannink Show on iTunes.
Next to the podcast I also create a weekly 1-minute video at ernohannink.tv.
For entrepreneurs with 5-25 employees, I am the business coach, helping them to work more on their business and make better decisions.
Author of 11 books. The initiator of the Social Media Club and WordCamp in the Netherlands. Dad of 2 children and husband to my lovely Monique. During the weekend I am a referee at Dutch soccer matches and I run.

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Engel Jones

I am a podcaster who has now had over 2900 recorded podcast conversations, plus 349 live interviews in 12 weeks, while driving through the 48 states of the US plus the eastern and western side of Canada.

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