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Erik Eklund


After 14 years across 9 countries from China to the USA, often the youngest with a leadership role in companies such as Louis Vuitton and Shangri-La Hotels, with the mission to connect teams, leaders and customers, Erik Eklund started his own business. Now, he gives speeches and coaching on how to create and transform business and well-being through a human connection in leadership and communication. Erik’s vision is to create a world where we all live our full potential and within three years he has crafted an impressive portfolio of brands such as Johnson & Johnson, AXA, EIGE and Deloitte. He has been quoted as an “electric keynote speaker, a muse” and awarded internationally for his “no bullshit” approach and ability to “put a positive spin on everything.” In 2017, Erik was recognized as one of Europe’s top influencers on LinkedIn as the Founder of Connecting Humans and Co-Founder of LinkedIn Local.”

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