1306:Eric Seyram is the host of the Personal Innovation Podcast

1306:Eric Seyram is the host of the Personal Innovation Podcast

Eric Seyram

Eric Seyram-

Eric Seyram is the host of the Personal Innovation Podcast and founder of The Personal Innovation Hub: (http://www.personalinnovationhub.com) a podcast and platform that seeks to inspire people to ignite their dreams, build their unique careers out of their passions and impact the world with what they do.

Eric Seyram is an emerging force in changing minds and actions, Creating a new horizon for how people think of themselves and what they offer the world in a unique way. He is a strong believer in dreams no matter how small. This fuels his determination to empower people to live their lives as a love story.

He is a Personal innovation Evangelist, Social Entrepreneur, SmallBiz Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Coach and Podcaster. 

Eric is a passionate Professional Speaker, Workshop and Seminar facilitator in the areas of Personal Branding and Innovation,  Marketing Communications, SME Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship

He is deeply excited and motivated when working with people who are starting or leading personal, professional, societal and spiritual revolutions, movements and innovations with potential to leave a dent in the universe

His mission and passion in life is to empower young people and professionals to think bigger about who they are and how they can impact the world.

He is Co-founder,  Executive Director of Africa Innovation and Change Leadership Institute, a Pan- African Institute for Innovators, Change Leaders and Social entrepreneurs, working for the future of Africa

He founded Aimers Africa, a social enterprise that is committed to human capital development.

Supporting students to become aware of future opportunities

Eric fantasizes performing as a tenor to large children and youth audience and says his self-actualization will be when he is appreciated by youngsters as one of the people who has worked to make their lives better.


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