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Eric Eaton-

Eric Eaton: I help individuals and organizations find harmony among the chaos of life by providing a proven process to thrive in life instead of surviving.

WHY IT MATTERS: You have employees, students, or faculty who are not performing at their peak due to overwhelming distractions. Think about what your organization could accomplish if the unnecessary distractions were removed from the workplace.

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with me you get the most efficient and effective service that your organization is looking for right now. Individuals who are less distracted are more productive, more focused, and experience less stress on the job.

HOW I DO IT: I utilize a PROVEN FRAMEWORK which will evaluate the current distractions in your organization from emails, meetings, texts, and notifications. We work closely with individuals and teams to focus in on their immediate goals. We then develop a plan for individuals and teams to eliminate the distractions which are keeping them from accomplishing their fundamental goals.

WHY IT WORKS: An unhappy and distracted employee is an unproductive employee. From CEO’s to first year hires, when an individual is able to focus on a task, without distraction, they are more productive and happy with their work. This practice can also provide a more effective work/life harmony which attributes to greater satisfaction in their career.

WHY I CAN HELP YOU: I have spent over 20 years consulting, coaching, and counseling individuals and organizations. I have seen firsthand how ineffective management and distractions can bring down the most powerful organizations. I have used these experiences to build an effective process to help individuals and organization remove the distractions which are keeping them from their goals. To help them truly find harmony among the chaos of work and life.


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