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Emem Washington

Known as ‘The Dream Ambassador’ to many, Emem Washington’s mission is to inspire, motivate and cheer millions towards success, regardless of where they are, or where they have been in life. She is a firm believer in the God who gave Joseph dreams of his own and made them come true. She has a following of over 50,000 on Social Media (nearly 25K followers on Instagram alone), where she shares her message of hope and inspiration. In 2018 Emem published her book ‘Rise From the Shadows: Overcome Your Past, Reclaim Your Voice, Live Your Light,’ which encourages readers to show up authentically as themselves and stop dimming their light. She also co-authored the anthology ‘Women of Purpose,’ which is a collection of inspiring stories to encourage readers not to give up on fulfilling their purpose in life. In addition to being an Author, she is also a Singer/Songwriter, a Speaker, Teacher and Attorney based in Texas.


Emem Washington is known for her powerful vocals, incredible songs that she regularly performs all over America along with her music being aired on various radio stations. Having been part of her church choir and leading worship teams for several years she decided to take her talent to the studio, working with producers in Houston and Atlanta. If you love music by TobyMac or Hollyn, Israel Houghton or Mandisa, then you will LOVE her debut album ‘Rebirth.’ It is a MUST HAVE for anyone searching for songs of hope with a unique sound.


Emem’s speaking has allowed her to appear on numerous local, national and international platforms including schools, seminars and conferences. She has spoken at conferences such as the Flourish Media Conference, the Just Do It Women’s Conference in Belize, Talent Ignited (where she served as Keynote Speaker) and PublisHER Author Conference, to name a few.

She also hosts her own conferences and workshops locally in Houston, Texas called “Leading Ladies Events” where women are inspired and motivated to uncover their purpose and discover the vital steps necessary to live their purpose out fully and turn their dreams into reality. The topics are the perfect balance of practical and inspirational, and she shares from her heart, blending her legal, entrepreneurial, familial and spiritual experiences into real and relatable advice and encouragement. She has a special way of connecting with, and bringing together, people from different walks of life.


Emem is innately an advocate, which led her to become an attorney in 2002, after graduating with a B.S. in Biology (Chemistry minor). She later went back to school to obtain an LL.M in Intellectual Property and Information Law. While she is grateful for the knowledge that her legal education has provided, she has decided to transition from legal practice and focus more on advocacy beyond the just the legal arena.

Overcoming Challenges/Faith:

She has lived through several major difficult life situations, including 2 miscarriages and 2 stillbirths, fibroid surgery and being told she would no longer be able to conceive and now she now has two healthy pre-teen sons. She has also been through a failed marriage, been a single mother and experienced foreclosure (to name a few). Through God’s grace and mercy He has turned her mourning into dancing and has turned her sorrow into joy. She is now a happy wife and mother, and she uses those life lessons to encourage and equip others to give up the stagnant, mediocre, suppressed life and to lead vibrant “truly alive” lives.

She has strong faith in God, which has enabled her to keep her smile in the midst of trials, and to help others to move beyond their setbacks and towards making their comeback. One of her favorite quotes (from her song “Flip the Page”) is “No matter what it looks like right now, YOUR STORY IS NOT OVER. Flip the Page.”

What Emem does in her spare time:

Emem loves music, reading and spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys attending purposeful events and volunteering.

What’s next for Emem Washington?

In 2019 Emem Washington hopes to impact another 50,000 people through Social Media and continue to use her voice to impact lives. She also plans to continue to support various causes that are dear to her heart such as the Amos House of Faith as well as missionaries (through her church). She will also organize more of her “Leading Ladies” events especially as many women have raved about her events, calling describing them as excellent, inspiring and powerful.

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