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  • Elizabeth Ross Holstrom is a natural entrepreneur, connector and systems change architect /Ep2165

Elizabeth Ross Holmstrom


We are on the cusp of a major shift in business management and leadership practices; moving from boss leadership to service leadership, and employers are hustling hard to catch up. I serve CEOs who are invested in improving the employee experience and their business.”


Elizabeth is a natural entrepreneur, connector and systems change architect. She has over 20 years of experience in leadership engagement and wellness program implementation, has managed national account relationships and served as VP, Senior Health and Wellness Manager at a national bank with 26,000 employees. She left the corporate world after realizing that her efforts were not addressing the root cause of the problems she saw every day: stress, burnout, overwhelm.


After years of research and a successful pilot program, Elizabeth was committed to focusing full time on bringing powerful pauses into the workplace. Knowing that not every company can hire a Chief Mindfulness Officer like Google or Aetna, Elizabeth launched BreakTogether to help even the smallest businesses thrive. Through that work, she observed a growing field of professionals focused on improving the employee experience in the workplace through mindfulness and leadership development programs; howver, there were very few people helping employers connect the dots – across different service deliveries, departments, or line items. She saw a need to work on this more systemically, and architect a way for small and medium size businesses to access resources collaboratively, affordably, and strategically. This need is the foundation for the Mindful Employer Designation and Collaborative.


Outside of work, Elizabeth finds balance through spending time with family and community, mountain biking, cooking, singing, and quarry swimming along the coast of Maine.



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