My Podcast Journey


Feedback from Podcast Guests

DON W Armstead Pastor/Missionary

This was a unique experience and opportunity to share my vision.

I’ve gained encouragement from just observing how God is moving in Engel’s life.

He is extremely encouraging in an authentic, non patronizing way.

The mental journey you go on as a guest guided by Engel’s questions is a gift that continues to give to you personally, long after your interview is over.

Mary Lunnen Business Owner

I loved the idea of 'virtually travelling' to Engel's magical home in the Caribbean.

Speaking to Engel for two podcasts now, with some extra conversations in between, have brought me new insights into my own life and work, and given me other ways of communicating with my own audience.

Juggling time zones can be a challenge, but it didn't stop me.

I would absolutely recommend a friend to join Engel. He will settle any nerves and the whole process is easy and smooth.

Marc Morrell Host

I had been with Engel previously on the podcast, had joined him in person at the Philadelphia Art Museum, then he asked me to join him on the podcast once more and I was happy to be there.

He has a way of making you reflect on things in such a positive way. His conversations are good for the soul. I gain a sense that I have accomplished something valuable that I have continued to share with many others in the things I do every day.

Engel has talked to so many people that you would think there isn't much that surprises him, but he still looks at everything with a child's innocent view, in which he is always curious and willing to learn something new.

Engel Jones is a treasure in this world. He inspires with all he has accomplished, and he has done it all with grace, humility and passion, without compromising the principles he values. We could all hope to lead our lives in a similar fashion. Joy and Fun!

Robert Rice Interviewee

The first conversation was a nice way to talk about what my goals are and what I'm doing with my life. The second conversation brought a whole new level of value, because Engel remembered everything I had said and really encouraged reflection on my growth. It was nice to take a moment to take a step back and look at things.

He truly does not judge and appreciates everyone for who they are.

It's a fun, friendly conversation and a great way to talk about life, career, etc... in a judgement-free zone.

Doug Lawrence President

This was the second time that I joined Engel for a #12minconvo and it served as a reason for reflection.

There would be no reason today that I could come up with, that would prevent me from having a conversation with Engel. He is inspiring and motivating and I simply cannot refuse that opportunity.

I specifically liked the sharing of my childhood memory with my Grandfather. Sometimes we cannot see the message that lies before us. Engel has a way of helping you to see!

Anytime you can be guided through reflection by someone that is such an inspiration and motivating as Engel it is an opportunity that cannot be missed.


Engel's questions always make me pause and consider 'what do I really feel' about x or y. It is a wonderful 12 minutes of enforced reflection. To borrow from Joan Didion, I don't know what I think until I talk to Engel!

The fact that he does his research, that he asks nuanced questions that make you think properly and not just reel off a stock reply. It's rare.

I am beyond impressed that he's keeping this going. It's a real example of proper grit.

Angelo Spenillo In-House Counsel

A good and focused conversation with Engel as an important takeaway from my book was highlighted - don't judge something until you have tried to truly understand it.

Engel is definitely the type of person that I could have deep conversations with for much longer than 12 minutes. The art of good conversations has gotten lost in our world of brevity and texts. It is nice for open-minded thinkers to keep those conversation skills sharp because oftentimes, you can learn a lot about yourself, too!

Ed Roman Artist

As an independent artist it is essential for me to connect with music enthusiast all over the world. This was a good opportunity to not talk about my craft but the passions behind them.

This podcast helps with a good deal of social media traffic and the presentation is very professional.

It always will be a pleasure to talk to Mr. Jones. These were wonderful questions that were not scripted which led us into a great improvisational conversation.

I started off on the show as a guest and have been here a couple of times but what is even better.. is that I call him my friend now..

Lorna Blake Speaker & Empowerment Coach

Having been raised in the Caribbean, I had set an intention to share my experiences with a Caribbean podcast host. As soon as I heard Engel's dynamic interviewing style, I knew I had to be a guest on his show!

I love Engel's dynamism & his skillfulness at directing 12 minute interviews. I felt refreshed & inspired by our conversation.

I loved the questions he asks & the amazing insights he shared as we talked. When he said: Let's open up tenacity. It feels as though you walk in tenacity..." I felt understood, affirmed and acknowledged.

Engel is an amazing interviewer. He's brilliant, powerful & makes his guests feel like acknowledged.

Engel is an outstanding interviewer who seems to see into one's soul & is able to pick out the treasures within... To be a guest on his podcast makes you feel like you're talking to an old friend who is authentic, compassionate & connected. He offers a rare gift that so few people can offer in a noisy world where it feels like many are too busy to care.

Judy Rodman Vocal coach

I feel truly honored to be among the fascinating guests Engel has interviewed. I feel that a community of experts in helping people and making the world a better place is a great pond to swim in!

His conversations end up being more than surface deep... they become, as this one did, a short soul chat.

I would recommend anyone to join Engel who I thought could add to the positive and enlightening chats.

Thank you for putting me in this village!

Michael OBrien Chief Shift Officer

I love Engel's mission and the opportunity to share something of value.

I love Engel's vibe. He is a giving person and helps others share their message.


Engel is a brilliant empath and I relate with that level of understanding.

Pardon me if this statement is perceived as glib, however, it felt and feels to me that I made a friend. I take this as serious as my written words here and as evident in our conversation. That is respect. It is an example for billions of people who are struggling to find their way.

The conversation felt to me that it was a conversation with a friend. Not all conversations sound and/or feel and/or are heard the same. There are reasons why this is and people who seek out truth connections and true connections, can look at Engel as example of a human who wants to help you illuminate your heart light; and as in all effective conversations, it takes two.