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Eileen Reed


Eileen Reed is an organizing & productivity enthusiast who deeply believes that a simplified life gives you the freedom to create a joyfully full, deeply meaningful and exceedingly abundant life.

After 25 years as a highly successful Sr. Account Exec, Eileen’s “aha” moment came, and it was loud and clear. She got crystal clear on what truly mattered, walked away from her six-figure career, simplified her own life in countless ways, and in 2009 Simplify with Eileen was born.

Inspiring and coaching her business & residential clients how to simplify their lives and thrive, is Eileen’s true calling.

Guiding transformations beyond just cluttered desks or closets – and to cluttered relationships, obligations, schedules, perceptions – opens the door for us to truly shine, grow and embrace a life of ease and simplicity.

When not working directly with clients to “say yes to less”, Eileen can be found letting her inner athlete come out to play, savoring connections with good friends, sharing life with her loving husband & feather babies, curled up with an inspirational read, leading workshops & presentations on simplicity, mentoring inspired women curious about striking out on their own, and excitedly co-producing the 4th year of Create Your Life’s annual transformational events!





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