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Edward van der Kleijn


Edward van der Kleijn: 3D | Dutch | Direct | Delivers

Writing strategies and managing campaigns using everything from email sends, to social media publishing, to CRM reports.

Busy helping you simplify the chaos, and automate the nitty-gritty so that you can shift your focus to things like optimising results and working on your business.

Call me so I can help you power your marketing programs with automated email drips, simple social publishing, powerful reporting, and so much more.

E-mail Marketing

Create newsletters and e-mail templates.

Launch campaigns.

Get real-time reports.

Forms & Landing Pages

Build forms to capture leads. Create landing pages. Drive traffic with e-mail & web ad campaigns.

Website Visitor Tracking & Social Media

Get real time views and engage easily with website visitors, social conversations and more.

Qualification & Scoring

Use profile attributes and response behavior to score leads & assess readiness to buy.

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