1348:Drew Taddia wrote a best selling book called Detoxify Yourself

1348:Drew Taddia wrote a best selling book called Detoxify Yourself

Drew Taddia

Drew Taddia-

Drew Taddia traveled the world as a professional athlete coming from Canada, through the US, and overseas into Australia and Germany following his dreams and passion of baseball.

He quickly became the ‘go to’ guy regarding fitness and nutrition as he continually experimented on his own body to find out what foods would help recover quicker or build muscle more efficiently, how to exercise that would help him jump higher, run faster and help him stand out on the field.

He soon found out stress played a vital role in what he was putting both in and on his body, and how by reducing stress through a plant based diet and avoiding toxins both on and off the field, he could improve as an athlete and stand out from the competition.

Notable Notes about Drew:

Drew wrote a best selling book called Detoxify Yourself,which is a 30 day plant based meal plan teaching readers how to avoid toxins, which foods will help heal and recover, and how to prepare the meals with recipes and grocery lists.

Because of the toxins on the market regarding conventional protein supplement he designed his own plant based protein powder made with quinoa and hemp hearts.

Drew has also been on air for 5 years as a radio host (96.5ckfm) where he interviews world renowned experts in health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and more.


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