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  • Dr. Trevor Blattner is the founder of The Top 1%, a company that helps individuals design a limitless mindset and realize their full potential /Ep2324

Dr. Trevor Blattner

Dr. Trevor Blattner is the founder of The Top 1%, a company that helps individuals design a limitless mindset and realize their full potential.

With over 20 years of research in the field, Trevor is an expert at the tactics of next level success and has used them to found and grow his own 7-figure business. As the host of The Top 1% podcast, he’s interviewed guests ranging from New York Times Best-selling authors to global influencers to executives of multi-billion-dollar companies – all designed to understand their keys to breaking through.

Through his own personal battles, Trevor has experienced first-hand that the road to your top 1% is not without challenges. It’s through this lens that he’s now committed himself to helping individuals overcome their setbacks, eliminate self-doubt and perform without limits. As a thought leader in his space, he’s been featured in The Good Men Project, Addicted to Success, Medium and other international publications.

From an early age as an All-State athlete, Trevor has been focused on creating the most of his life. This continued as he graduated with honors and was awarded Resident of the year while getting his doctorate. In addition to his business success, Trevor is the proud father of three beautiful girls and is married to an amazing wife who has and continues to play a major role in his journey.


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