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  • 625:Dr Phillip Carson is the Co-founder of the Life Transformation Medical Center and President of Carson Natural Health, LLC

Dr Phillip Carson-

Dr Phillip Carson :-

  • Member of National Community Pharmacists Association.
  • American Association of Diabetic Educators
  • American Diabetes Association
  • MS Pharmacist Association
  • MS Society of Consultant Pharmacists
  • Tennessee Pharmacist Association
  • Holistic Entrepreneur Association
  • Board of Directors for Quality Education Foundation
  • Board of Directors for Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Dr Phillip Carson a Registered Pharmacist, Doctor of Pharmacy with license in MS and TN is a 1985 graduate of the University of MS School of Pharmacy.

Phillip Carson, the Co-founder of the Life Transformation Medical Center and President of Carson Natural Health, LLC is a Pharmacist who thinks outside the box of traditional medicine. He believes in helping people find natural alternatives and integrative medicine solutions to their health problems.  He is committed to leading people to finding the root cause of their health problems and not just treating the symptoms. Phillip is passionate about encouraging and teaching people how to live more balanced, healthier and vibrant lives.  He believes in equipping people with the knowledge to make the right choices for optimal health and he does this weekly as host of The Feeling Good Podcast and Feeling Good Friday, Facebook live broadcast.

Dr. Phil, as he is often referred to by his clients, has spoken to many groups, churches and organizations over the years and enjoys sharing the message about how alternative therapies changed his own health as well as the hundreds of individuals he has counseled with and coached to better health.

Believing in and promoting healthy marriages and families as well, Phillip and his wife Kim have been married for over 32 years and have 5 happy and healthy children and 1 grandchild.

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