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Dori Staehle

Dori Staehle-

Dori Staehle (pronounced “Staley”) is a Musician on a Mission: To help talented teens and adults use their God-given gifts to make an impact and earn a solid income.

 A few years ago, Dori was involved in a freak accident, which sent her life into a tailspin. She healed in a very unusual way: drumming. Dori wrote a book, Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula, which hit #1 on Amazon. She then decided to take her story on the road and share the joy and healing power of drumming with others. Dori also returned to booking, managing, and coaching young talent and Christian artists. In her spare time, Dori plays percussion in a band and with other musicians. You’re never too old to rock!


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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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