Dori Staehle help people see their potential so they can be the person God created them to be /Ep2717

A freak accident in 2011 sent my life into a tailspin. I later decided that I didn’t want to just move onto the next stage of my life, I wanted to rock it! Drumming helped me heal and I use it to help others.

I started out as a percussionist in a church band and experienced first-hand how drumming reduces stress and ADHD issues and promotes physical and emotional healing. What I do can be described as drum therapy with a rock twist.

This isn’t a drum circle or African drumming. It’s something completely different. It’s fun but it’s also therapeutic. I also often share encouragement to help people see their potential so they can be the person God created them to be.

Drumming can be combined with a motivational talk, a workshop or retreat, or a corporate team-building, health and wellness, or empowerment program. It’s also very effective when combined with ADHD coaching. It’s easy and loads of fun! I also have a special program for Christian groups and individuals, as well as a drumming ministry.

My bounce-back story plus tips for creatives are featured in my best-selling book, “Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula” ( ). I also teach free hand drumming classes, perform, and I’m a Toca percussion artist.

Life’s short! It’s time to rise up and rock!

For booking or questions, contact me at 919-906-7842 or

Specialties: Mentoring creative kids and adults with ADHD issues, Christian entrepreneurs, therapeutic drumming, drum therapy, health and wellness, team building, youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, ADHD, giftedness


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