1954:Donna Still is and Author,Consultant and Coach

1954:Donna Still is and Author,Consultant and Coach

Donna Still

Donna Still-

My name is Donna Still and I work with emotions and feelings that have been stuck in the body causing pain and disease. I use a Breathwork practice combined with body and energy work to release trapped emotions. Our bodies have an innate intelligence and inherently know how to heal itself, if we know how to let it.

I work with people who want to change their current situation. They are sick of the suffering, whether that is in their work or their personal life. They just can’t take the pain anymore and are prepared to do whatever it takes.

Ever since I began my first service based business in 1996 I became interested in personal development. Initially, as a tool to enable me to be a more effective communicator, I was a painter & decorator and worked with many couples who just couldn’t agree, and with groups of stakeholders who all had different agendas. To get on with the decorating work I needed to find a way to get them all to work together and agree on a scheme!

Between 1996 and 2007 I trained in personal performance and business coaching, In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) up to NLP trainer and had a very successful decorating business until the financial crisis after which I began focusing 100 percent of my time coaching small business owners and writing personal development books. Ditch The Scales, The Art Of Effective Communication In A Digital World, 101 Quotes To Think & Grow Rich and The Divine Nature Of Being.

I was well and truly bitten by the personal development bug and continued my own development in many, ‘alternative,’ and ‘mainstream,’ modalities. I have participated as both a student and trained as a facilitator in many that I found personally really useful.

More recently I have been exploring the depths of my own psyche assisted by entheogenic plants and Breathwork through which I have accessed some of the most profound experiences of my entire life to date. These experiences have been so profound that I have decided to focus my work totally on facilitating clients through the Energy Release & Breathwork process.

My reasons for this change in business direction was due to the discovery of how I and others had stored seemingly mundane life experiences as trauma in my body. This trapped energy was acting like a brake and learning to let go of it has been a long slow process of evolution and awakening, Breathwork speeds up this process, enabling the release and integration of tricky emotions, without the need to re-traumatize oneself by verbally recounting the original wounding event.


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