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Don Dacian- 

Don Dacian is the acting CEO of Hype Animation Studio, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Illustration and Animation together with his college best friends who also co-founded the company.
Hype Animation Studio specializes in the following services:
• Concept Art & Design (Illustrations)
• 2D and 3D Motion Graphics Design
• 3D Animation (for Games & Film)
• 3D Object & Character Modeling Services (for Games & Film)
• 3D Printing
Watch their Demo Reel here (https://youtu.be/w4R8VXNAPUs)
Feel free to contact them at: hypeanimationstudio@gmail.com
How are you doing? [00:56]
What’s new? [01:11]
What happened about your passion in your studio? [02:52]
Is your dream still to be the first animation studio in your region that produce original content? [05:43]
Where is the best place for someone to connect with you to find out more? [06:35]
You spoke about your supportive girlfriend last time, Is your girlfriend still in the picture? [07:07]
He talks about his downtimes and how he copes up [07:59]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience [09:52]

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