1697:Dominique Clark is a Best Selling Author, Relationship Guru...)

1697:Dominique Clark is a Best Selling Author, Relationship Guru, Radio Host, HER Mentor & National Speaker

Dominique Clark

Dominique Clark-

As one of the top matchmakers to the affluent, nationwide, with over 300 successful matches under her belt, Dominique Clark entered the relationship industry on a mission to be the solution to those who desired genuine connection and real love.

After the release of her bestselling book, She’s Valuable (But Does She Know It?), notoriety as a public speaker leading talks across the country and collaborations with major companies including Nordstrom and Bare Minerals, Dominique soon transitioned from the country’s favorite Matchmaker to one of the most sought-after Relationship Guru’s,Women’s Empowerment Advocates and Media Personalities.

Dominique’s expert dating and relationship advice has been sought after by national print, radio and television outlets including SHEEN Magazine,The CW,WE TV and many more. She empowers single women and men to discover and embrace their authentic selves and date on purpose so that they can attract compatibility and build healthy relationships.

Now, as your number one source for relationship empowerment on the airwaves, Dominique is the host of the most popular Friday night radio show, No Strings Attached,and Red Carpet Correspondent where she dishes about pop culture, dating and relationships and women’s empowerment while interviewing celebrities in every industry from Entertainment, Sports, Music, Fashion and Self-Help!

Dominique is also the creator of the #ShesValuableMovement, where she empowers college women to date smart, identify their value and recognize that they are enough and that they matter through her annual She’s Valuable National College Tour. Named Who’s Who in Black Raleigh and award winner for her service to the singles community, Dominique Clark is leaving her mark in the love industry daily!

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