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Divya Parekh-

Divya Parekh: I am a global business relationship and leadership mentor, coach, and speaker. I help my clients cultivate power partnerships that lead to high performance. As a speaker, I connect the audience with their inner leaders.

I work in close collaboration with corporate leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs who are ready for evidence-based strategies that shape and improve their personal and business culture.

I have an enormous love of people, fierce passion for coaching, commitment to building leaders, and unbridled desire to create a better world. I would love to bring my talent and experience to any person, company, or organization that I can help or support.

If you are ready for the next level, connect with me to discover how I can support you. The process is:

✔ Develop a compelling and bold vision
✔ Identify your motivators (validated assessment) and competitive edge
✔ Build power partnerships
✔ Cultivate a cohesive action plan for setting ambitious yet achievable goals
✔ Deepen competencies, confidence, and partnerships
✔ Execute the action plan and fail fast
✔ Elicit solutions and strategies

SPECIALTIES: Leadership and business relationship coaching/consulting, facilitation, public speaking, media interview (radio show host), neurolinguistic programming, project management


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