Dionne Nicholls: Mom, former Fashion Exec. turned Social Entrepreneur

1392:Dionne Nicholls is a Mom, former Fashion Executive turned Social Entrepreneur

Dionne Nicholls

Dionne Nicholls-

Dionne Nicholls is a Mom, former Fashion Executive turned Social Entrepreneur. Dionne took a leap of faith from fashion to finance in 2015 when when she co-founded her non-profit Financially CLEAN. She truly enjoyed her experience working in New York’s luxury women’s wholesale industry, representing some of the finest European collections and seeing some of the most beautiful places in the world. By age 34, she had navigated her way up to Head of the US subsidiary for the French fashion house, SONIA RYKIEL. After a few other fashion stints, including the launch of KLEINFELD NY bridal emporium in Toronto, of Say Yes to the Dress fame, one of the most buzzed about retail ventures in Canada, at age 40, Dionne decided to switch gears when she noticed her desire to teach, motivate and inspire young people was getting stronger and stronger.

So now, she is creating a financial literacy movement teaching in high schools and various youth organizations and has the supporting role, as the ‘Lady with the Facts,’ on the podcast, TWO BLACK GUYS WITH GOOD CREDIT, rated as one of the top Black-Hosted, Smart and Funny Podcasts of 2017 by Black Enterprise Magazine. On the show, Dionne delivers the history, stats and cold hard facts, but you certainly can’t miss her infectious laugh as she chops it up with her co-hosts, Shaun Lynda and Arlington Forbes.  Since Financially CLEAN’s inception 2 years ago, it has reached over 800 students in the New York Tri-State area, primarily in under resourced areas.  Dionne also runs a consulting business, DFX Consulting Services, focused on business development, helping to take companies from ordinary to extraordinary, what she calls –The D-Effect!


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