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Dianne Bischoff James

Dianne Bischoff James’s is a teacher for the Western mind. Her journey and life experience are quite remarkable and inspirational. Having moved every few years growing up as her family pursued the American Dream, her quest for knowledge was insatiable. She became an avid reader, scholar, business consultant and leader in marketing communications. At the height of her success, she felt a terrible unrest and became despondent, depressed and riddled with physical pain. Dianne experienced her first enlightened moment in 1995 when she saw Sonia Choquette for a psychic reading. This event changed everything. Sonia warned, “You had better hurry up and grab at your real brass ring or soon it will be too late!”  This grave message inspired Dianne to change every aspect of her life and also to seek the best practices for enlightened transformation and growth. Dianne lost 60 pounds, became a union actor, wrote a book and became a yogi to heal her body. Researching, Travelling across the country teaching and meeting with spiritual teachers, Dianne is on a mission to discover the best practices for rebooting lives with ease and grace.

According to Dr. Pat Baccili, “Dianne’s profound words of wisdom will speak directly to audiences regarding all areas of life and her accountable authenticity is what makes her the real deal.  She has seen it all and been through it all and will tell it to you straight from the heart. Her sense of humor in telling stories and slight irreverence makes her even more real. Not only will she speak in the moment on a topic that people need to hear right then and there, but her presence alone and energy has a profound, long lasting influence.”

Dianne Bischoff James MS is a Life Reboot Expert, bestselling author and leading authority on the subject of enlightened transformation. Her book, The Real Brass Ring has been featured in OM Times, chosen as a Top 10 Inspirational book by Aspire Magazine and received 2 international awards. In addition, her private coaching business has helped clients across the country manifest and transform their hearts, minds and bodies for optimal authentic. She is also a SAG actor with over 50 film and commercial credits and graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern University with an MS in Integrated Marketing Communications and has a B.A. in Psychology from Marquette University. In 1995, she launched Core Marketing Solutions, a branding consultancy located in Chicago and received both Platinum and Gold MarCom Awards in honor of corporate branding excellence.




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