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Dhylles Victoria


Dhylles Victoria went from being a victim who experienced sexual abuse from ages 7 to 14 years old to become a Powerful, Authentic, and Loving Leader who went from holding onto fear, guilt and shame to freeing herself and owning the woman she shares with the world. By sharing her story of overcoming abuse, she has been able to create a safe and welcoming space for others to do the same. She realized this was her life’s purpose and has dedicated her career to helping fellow entrepreneurs create, format and share their powerful stories.

She took the leap of faith from employee to full-time entrepreneurship and became a Creative Enthusiast, Media Concierge, and Media Story Manifestor. Dhylles has created an untapped market for employees working toward full-time entrepreneurship by acting as their right hand while they work on their exit strategy to entrepreneurial freedom. She uses the art of media story to make sure that her clients’ vision and message speak volumes about their personal struggles and experiences along with their professional qualifications. Dhylles also uses her strong online presence and influence along with media relationships and networking connections to keep her clients’ business and brands trending with maximum engagement along a high increase of visibility.

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