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  • 620: Derek Loudermilk is a location independent entrepreneur, business coach, and professional adventurer

Derek Loudermilk-

Derek Loudermilk is a location independent entrepreneur, business coach, and professional adventurer. He is the host of the Art of Adventure podcast for adventurous entrepreneurs and has lived in a dozen countries over the last few years studying and teaching cross cultural entrepreneuship.

Derek is the Author of the new book Conductors: Orchestrate the Next Big Thing, which focuses on combining people + ideas and skills for an uncertain future. He has spoken at conferences and given workshops on four continents in 2016.

Lord Derek Loudermilk is a world record holder in volcano climbing, former scientist, pro cyclist, has a hereditary title of Lordship in the principality of Sealand, and loves chocolate.

Here are links to my work:
Art of Adventure Podcast
Conductors Book

Listen another #12minconvo
Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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