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Derek Loudermilk-

Derek Loudermilk : My mission is to help 1 million people lead the most interesting lives imaginable and maximize their contribution by thinking strategically about their careers

To that effect I:
-Write about and teach skills (like creativity, storytelling, networking) that make us future proof. See my latest book “SuperConductors: Revolutionize Your Career and Make Big Things Happen”.
-Teach people how to become thought leaders and run businesses they can travel the world with.
-Host the Art of Adventure podcast to collect stories and lessons from adventurers and entrepreneurs about business around the world and peak human performance
-Tell inspiring stories on stage about adventure and business
-Organize events and adventure retreats for people to have life-changing experiences and personal breakthroughs

Time Stamped Show Notes:

Snippet of the Derek’s previous episode [00:39]
How are you doing? [00:59]
You were expecting the last time we spoke, how’s that been? [01:05]
On being a location independent entrepreneur [02:39]
What are you doing for business right now? [04:01]
Can we still go to derekloudermilk.com to follow you? [04:52]
On creating a brand of your own unique real strengths [06:30]
Are you still reading? [07:57]
Do you still meet with your inner circle of friends every year? [09:55]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [12:01]


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