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Delia Athey- 

2019 is a major year of transition for Delia Athey. After 6 years as a financial advisor for two firms she is ready for a lot less stress and some real employee benefits. If all goes according to plan she will be part of a call center team assisting advisors and their teams with processing client orders, fixing databases and being downright helpful in the process. And all this will be happening in a new home in a new state!

Having lived in California all but two years of her life, she is making a big move to the SE Phoenix area to join friends and enjoy a less expensive lifestyle as she moves closer to retirement. 

But the baking will not stop, not even if it’s 115 outside! In addition to making cakes and cookies for old friends and new, Delia plans to do some commercial cookie baking out of her home and start teaching baking online using Zoom or Skype to allow demonstrations and live coaching with the two way video communication these platforms provide.

To see pictures of Delia’s creations visit http://www.cafe-arc-de-larctique.com or https://www.facebook.com/DeliasDesserts/

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