1748:Master the web with Debra Simpson as she shares low cost and no cost marketing techniques that drive traffic and revenue

Debra Simpson

Debra Simpson-

Debra Simpson is the epitome of an early adopter of technology. In fact, her fingers were flying across her first computer, a TRS-80 from Radio Shack in 1985 when the world wide web was still an international bulletin board!

Today, folks master the web with Deb as she shares low cost and no cost marketing techniques that drive traffic and revenue.

Connecting People On-Line and Off-Line

When Debra started publishing a small business newspaper in North San Diego County, she recognized the value of building community by offering her members the opportunity to write for the paper. As web 2.0 emerged, Deb was at the forefront of creating engagement and content for a designated community of small business owners.

Translating Broadcasting Goals to Podcasting Needs

This early adopter joined the powerhouse publisher McGraw-Hill In 1995 to enter the brave new world of digital development. Relying upon her early tech wizardry, Debra built its New Media Division and later was awarded Author of the Year in the department. Leveraging the digital experience, she started podcasting to her niche of North San Diego small business owners.

Staying Current  & Cutting Edge

Working in the ever-changing tech world has taught Deb to understand its underlying theory. This practical approach makes her an easy-to-understand (and follow!) speaker at expos, small business conferences, and webinar presentations. 

Traveling the World and Pursuing Adventure

A world-traveler by design, Deb uncovers hidden highlights of architectural and magical structures. Needless to write, wherever Deb is, she’ll find a way to connect to the web.

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