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Dawn’s work teaches you how to access both your conscious thoughts along with your subconscious to create a life that feels wonderfully aligned for you. Her teachings draw her 25 years in business leadership roles, RTT hypnosis training, meditation teachings and from A Course In Miracles and the Law of Attraction.

She enjoys bringing mindset work into her role as VP managing the Iowa location for a financial firm. In her own business she leads workshops on mindset, leads guided meditation experiences, serves clients with the healing modality of RTT hypnosis, provides 1:1 coaching and has also written a spiritual based book called The Mapmaker: Your 33 Day Journey Towards Daily Presence, available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Fifty percent of the book profits go to the charity Dress For Success Des Moines, where Dawn volunteers her time.

She loves to dive into new creative adventures. Her latest adventure is the creation of The Solstice Space podcast. The podcast provides free access her guided meditations. She also plans to add to the podcast soul-based conversations with entrepreneurs who share their lessons in life and business to inspire others on their own journeys.


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