174: Twelve Minute Convos w/ David Ralph, podcast host of Join Up Dots

174: Twelve Minute Convos w/ David Ralph, podcast host of Join Up Dots

David Ralph

David Ralph-

David Ralph: If you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, author, or quite simply anyone who has something to say, then having your own podcast can EXPLODE your business and sales like no other.

Connecting in such a personal way with a global audience, has quickly become the number one method for rapid growth and success.

However, with a failure rate of such a high proportion, where the average amount of shows being released before the new podcaster dries up and quite being ONLY SEVEN…..then it is clear that the majority of people start off on the wrong track.

They do not understand the simple guidelines that can be followed to ensure a content production line delivers to the world everyday, everyweek, or every month.

Podcasters Mastery, is run by myself who now has delivered over 400 shows to the world, has hit the top in ITunes and all other charts, and knows how to love being behind the mic.

Podcasters Mastery, will show you how to remove all the pain from podcasting and instead love every second…well maybe not every second, but certainly giving you every chance to soon be in the top 2% of all shows.

And who cannot love that?

Take a look at what we can offer, and I hope to be seeing you soon.


also Check out his second website:

  1. Owner Podcasters Mastery – The Number One Resource To Explode Your Business Income,
  2. Join Up Dots – The Home Of Entrepreneurship, Success & Inspiration

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