238: Twelve Minute Convos w/ David Bonal

238: Twelve Minute Convos w/ David Bonal

David Bonal-

For the past 16 years, David Bonal has worked for National Instruments.  He received his formal training in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico.  While in college, David would get involved in creative extracurricular activities such as being a radio host for the local school radio station as well as perform in musicals.  After college, David went directly to work for National Instruments and started as an Applications Engineer and then started using the creative side of engineering and taught the customers of National Instruments how to use the products. David loved teaching and being able to be with people.

David then had the opportunity to move to New Mexico and be an Account Manager for National Instruments.  David has worked as an Account Manager for National Instruments for 10 years.  But, there was something that David felt was missing…he always wanted to be more creative.  So many of David’s friends would tell him, “wow you have a good voice, you should do something with that”.

So, finally David did and started a Voice Over business.  The first two years of being in business were rough. It was tough learning the business and the tools of the Voice Over Business, but slowly David started winning business and getting his voice out there.  David continues to be an Account Manager for his day job, but his second job is using his voice for narration or selling products.  David is married to his beautiful wife Nedra, and David and Nedra are very active in their Church working as volunteers.  In David’s free time, he is learning to speak Spanish and loves to enjoy cooking, mountain biking, and spending time with his wife hiking and enjoying the outdoors of New Mexico and the Southwest.

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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas