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Dave Wakeman- 

Dave Wakeman is “The Revenue Architect” and is an internationally recognized expert in opportunity creation and capture. 
3 words underpin his philosophy on business:
* Opportunity
* Creativity
* Humanity
Dave speaks around the world on the topics of change, community, and opportunity. He hosts the world’s number one podcast dedicated to the live entertainment and experience business: The Business of Fun
Time Stamped Show Notes:
How are you going? [00:57]
What’s new? [01:16]
On the new concepts of the podcast S.U.N and F.U.N. [02:04]
You were the Revenue Architect, how’s that going? [03:01]
What you love doing – in the experience of an individual and the money they make, do they correlate? [03:59]
How do you tie back to an individual that they should do what they love? [06:05]
On consistently doing a newsletter [08:02]
How has what you’re doing impacted your son? [09:09]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [10:27]

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