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Dave Mathias


Dave Mathias is on a mission to help others become customer, community, and data focused. He believes that customer problems are solved through a mixture of people, process, data, and technology. More importantly, he believes these same principles can be applied to enhance his community and has been doing so through a number of organizations.

Currently Dave lives in Twin Cities, Minnesota but travel often so you never know where you will find me. When our podcast was recorded Dave was in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Dave’s businesses are Beyond the Data LLC and NorthRupt Labs LLC and he is a co-host of the Data Able podcast. Learn about some of the community organizations or nonprofits Dave’s supports including Ally People Solutions, MinneAnalytics, Minnesota PDMA, ProductCamp Twin Cities, Twin Cities Data Viz Group, Twin Cities Data Fluency Group, and Twin Cities Science Hack Day.

Make sure to follow Dave @DaveMathias on Twitter or in/DaveMathias1 on LinkedIn.

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