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Daniella Blechner-

Daniella Blechner is Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing, Bestselling Author and Book Journey Mentor who is passionate about inspiring and empowering authors to transform their stories, messages and powerful journeys into books of impact and influence.


This South London based writer’s real writing journey began by writing comedy sketches for Youth Project Phenomenon ’98 featuring Gina Yashere and Richard Blackwood. She has always been a keen writer and penned her first book All The Happy Animals and Lucille and her Great Adventure at just 8 years old.


In 2002, she attended Ravensbourne College where she wrote, produced and directed her first short Connexions, which was Nominated for Best Screenplay at the BFM Short Film Awards in 2006 and won “Best Open Deck film” when screened at the Cutting East Festival.


Daniella won the 2007 Film Fund Award from Lewisham Film Initiative to complete her poetry based short drama Hair We Are for the Black History Month Short Film Challenge. Hair We Are won the 3rd Best Film at the Images of Black Women Film Festival and has been screened at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, LA and BAMKids Film Festival in New York and was also screened on The Community Channel and http://www.itvlocal.com.


Today, Daniella is the proud author of Bestselling book Mr Wrong, “a humorous and insightful exploration into why some women continually attract Mr Wrong.” This collection of empowering relationship stories, written by both women and men across the world, allows the reader to question, explore and challenge negative belief systems and set out on a positive path of self-discovery and self-worth. She is passionate about providing a platform for women to have their voices heard and stories shared in a space of empowerment. She runs an empowerment workshop called 7 Steps to Creating the Greatest Version of You for women who want to evolve, create and be empowered.


She has also written and compiled poetry anthology 7 Shades of Love, a collection of poems written by women and men globally and feels honoured to be able to showcase work from a multitude of poets from different, ages, races, religions and backgrounds on the Universal subject of Love.


The enjoyment and inspiration behind writing comes from examining and reflecting on social issues often laced with a wicked sense of humour. Her conscious dream is to assist others to become the best version of themselves by drawing out their talents, gifts and purpose. Her mission and vision is to facilitate others using these unique talents and gifts and to live “in purpose” for the benefit and empowerment of others.


Website: http://www.consciousdreamspublishing.com / http://www.daniellablechner.com

Facebook: Danni Blechner / Conscious Dreams Publishing

Twitter: @dingdongmrwrong / @DreamsConscious

Instagram: daniellablechner




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