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Dagmar Bryant

“Life is not about sitting on the sidelines.  To achieve success, you 
need to take calculated risks.”

Dagmar Bryant PhD is a US based, Australian motivational speaker and transformational coach who actively lives this motto.  She has a huge wealth of experience in inspiring positive changes. Utilizing her knowledge, belief and wisdom she has inspired people all around the world to make positive changes and dramatically transform their lives.

She is a great believer in “Empowerment Begins With U”.  Speaking at an event gives her the opportunity to empower others; to show them that they can fulfil their goals and their ambitions.

Dagmar has graced speaking platforms globally including USA and 
Australia, helping many people across all avenues of life.  She can 
contribute to your organization’s success, delivering results and 
empowering your workforce to evolve your business.

With her coaching, Dagmar helps people when they are dissatisfied with their lives; when they are feeling stuck and looking for answers.  She supports them to find that part of themselves that they feel is slipping 

What makes her different?  Experience and knowledge about what people are looking for. She walks her talk. Dagmar has moved countries twice – once when she was a child, from 
Germany to Australia; and again 12 months ago when she moved to the USA. Dagmar knows that all things are possible but it is about taking action and making it happen.

Her background is in corporate, primarily in Customer Service and Law. She knows what it is like to struggle, to work hard, to succeed and not to succeed. Her own journey is about ups and downs.  It’s about breaking free of a dominating father, and later a just-as dominating husband. It’s about breaking free of constraints, of limitations, and of believing in herself.  She prefers not to think of failures, because failure isn’t really failure, it’s just one more way of finding that it didn’t work.  It brings you one step closer to success.

Through her own journey and unique stories, Dagmar brings her message to life in a way that others can relate to. Is a qualified Health Counselor and Hypnotherapist.  She has had her own 
business for 15+ years and is committed to helping others find their path.  Dagmar has been published in the wellness press and has produced two meditation CDs – Heavenly Vibrations I and II.

In her down time she loves to line dance, read motivational books and spend time at the beach.

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