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Cullen Pope 

Cullen Pope – host of Silicon Beach Radio and Founder of the EATT Magazine travel podcast. Cullen thrives on supporting people, expanding their education and skill sets to help them succeed in both their business and creative endeavours. His SEO Saturday Studio was initially set up as a startup mentor and advisory service before rapidly pivoting into the think tank that launched his three podcasts and SEO enterprise.
Understanding the competitive landscape in different businesses has been a core part of his SEO studio and consultancy work. 
Cullen frequently works in the travel arena, where he is more likely to be found in a vineyard than the hardware store. His creative side might bust a move more often in a kitchen than in the boardroom where his views aim to challenge and are drawn boldly on paper or a whiteboard to crush the limitations of the keyboard and better engage a team or get his insight across.

Cullen’s latest philanthropic initiative Learn English with Cullen places EATT Magazine as a principal benefactor.
The goal of this multi-layered project is to help support people learning English by mobile. The endeavour harvests a range of listening and thinking skills targeting students who wish to work in hospitality and travel.

Surrounding himself with a diverse range of highly talented, skilled and passionate people  Cullen is motivated by his desire to see people succeed over a lifetime of learning experiences.
A key motto being – The point of power is now.

Connect with Cullen: The EATT Magazine Website https://eattmag.com/contact/

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