Cole Johnson is the perfect embodiment of being 'well-rounded' /Ep2485

Cole Johnson is the perfect embodiment of being ‘well-rounded’ /Ep2485


Cole Johnson- 

Cole Johnson: “I want you to grow up being well-rounded.”
When he heard these words from his mother as a child, he had no idea what the concept meant.  Today – he is the perfect embodiment of being ‘well-rounded.’

He is a journalist for USA Today working as a digital producer – and podcast producer – at the national newspaper.  He also cares for the divorced and heartbroken and hopes all are set free from the bondage of a hurt heart.

With audio titled How To Heal From Heartbreak, it walks a person dealing with anger, bitterness, turmoil and negativity and ushers them into the powerful place of freedom.  It is a resource everyone dealing with hurt should hear … and those with emotional pain will cherish.

Along with that, he blends those talents with not one … not two … but three podcasts.  

Get Over Divorce blends the spiritual concepts of healing with real-life applications for the divorced and heartbroken.  He tells his unflinching, raw, unapologetic story of divorce and how he healed from it.  The podcast was the result of a book he wrote on the subject matter.  

Revelations is an entertaining blend of the spiritual with the inspirational aspects of life.  Hear how others live life and how we all can gain powerful perspective from it with riveting interviews.  Originally, this program started as an off-shoot of another brand.  However, it grew to be powerful enough on its own.
Cole Sportz is the platform that started it all for him.  He gives you a mixture of news, comedy, politics, entertainment, and intellect in the sports world.  Since 2016, he has been a solid presence behind the mic breaking down the sports events of the week … the way he sees it.

All in all, it’s a colorful life this gentleman leads.

Ladies and gentlemen – journalist, author, producer, voice-over artist, artist, and creative director … Mr. Cole Johnson!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [01:05]
What’s going on with Cole Sportz? [01:22]
What’s the name of the book you wrote? [02:25]
You’ve decided to offer help, where does that come from? [03:22]
What would you say to people that’s going through hard times? [05:22]
On helping others that are going through what you’ve been through [06:55]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [09:57]

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